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Scientific Picnic

This year Kharkov Zoo participated in "Scientific Picnic" that was organized in Shevtchenko Garden on the 10th of June. This picninc offered "meal for brain", not meal for stomach. At this event scientists and students from various institutions presented scientific "wonders" and experiments. The Zoo could not stay away from this event as the special theme of thу picnic of this year was the science of life.

The exhibition tent of the Zoo was placed in a shady place far from the centre of the event. Here the Circle of Young Biologists presented their work. Young biologists together with the leader of the circle demonstrated materials from the House of Young Biologists collected during research tripsin the wild and in the territory of te Zoo. Black egg of emu, a salt crystal, snake skin dropped during ecdysis, chalk from chalku mountain, a handle from ancient amphora... Of course, a pet of young biologists also presented himself. A hand-reared owl invited people to take photos with her. Also there was a rabbit, Indian redstart nestling, fresh-water turtle, caterpillar of nocturnal emperor moth and a pup of raccoon dog.                                                                                                               

Our tent was always in the centre of public attention. All participants enjoyed it very much. We will surely take part in research picniс next time.