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Save the Nature

Spring is a wonderful season. This is an impact to prolongation of live world of plants and animals. March is associated with awakening of flora, April is time of coming back of birds, May is the month when animals breed. Nut it is also a period when people do the most harm to the nature. Deforestation, tree cuts lead to grave consequences in the wild nature. Natural habitat gets destroyed, that makes breeding of animals impossible and harms biodiversity. During spawning fishing is banned. However, animals and birds are still not protected by the law.     



Destroyal of natural habitat causes huge harm to biodiversity on this planet. Trees and bushes make natural habitat for many birds and animals. If such things continue to occur,  many breath-taking wonders will cease to exist, We, people, should learn to save all live stuff that surrounds us. We should never forget that we make only a part of this world. Not the most necessary part, but the most dangerous part.