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"Responsible Attitude towards Pet Animals". Informational Letter

Informational Letter


28 february 2015 Kharkov Zoo will organize open forum “Our Responsibility for Domestic Animals”

What is it about and what for is it?

We have already discussed problems of protection of wild animals, problems of human attitude towards stray cats and homeless dogs. The upcoming discussion will deal with the animals that live beside us, i.e. pet animals.

Pet animals always bring us joy, feeling of comfort. They  give us unconditional their love and devotion. They help us stay away from ungratefulness and covetousness. They show us what real beauty and true kindness are about. People are responsible for those they have tamed. This is true any moment of your life. Attachment is great joy, nevertheless is it great responsibility. A creature that is emotionally attached to you depends on you and needs you. Having gained love of an animal, the man is responsible for it. He is bound to take care of it. It is a common knowledge. Still, it is too often underestimated.

It has become a fashion to keep exotic animals at home. People are not happy with cats, dogs, hamsters and parrots. They want to boast and to show their superiority over the animal world. They seem to  have no idea that keeping wild animals at home is uneasy task, it is connected with much trouble and risk. When they find that out, they try to get rid of “unhandy” pet by bringing it to the Zoo (it is a luck if there is a Zoo in the neighbourhood).

The Conditions of Participation in the Forum

Schoolchildren are invited to take part in the discussion. A paper should be written on one of the topics of the forum.


Papers should be accompanied with official certificate from school. Schools are recommended to organize contests for the best paper. The winners then will send their papers for the participation in the Forum discussion.


Applications for participation and papers are accepted until 21 February, Saturday, from 9-00 till 16-00 in Educational Department of the Zoo – on the second floor of the administration office.


Papers will not be accepted if:

- presented later  than 21 February;

- presented without an application for participation; if application is not properly filled in;

- not concerning the topic of the conference;

- improperly composed.


All papers for the contest will be estinmated by experts. Authors of the best papers will be invited to the forum and rewarded by diplomas and prizes.


Papers will be not turned back.


Time and Place

The forum will take place at the Zooclub on the 28th of February, Saturday, from 11.00 till 12.30 (with tea break). After the conference there will be a tour around Kharkov Zoo. The detailed program of the tour will be presented on the web-site of Kharkov Zoo: www.zoo.kharkov.ua.


On the 28th of February , the forum day, the lists of participants will be passed to the ticket offices so that the forum participants could be allowed for free. The Registration of the participants will start at 10.30 in the Zooclub.


If you have any questions, please call:

 705 44 89 – Educational Department of the Zoo