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Replenishment of Himalayan Bear Family

It is always a wonderful event when new babies are born. That means that our animals are doing well, while we, Zoo specialists, have managed to create the best husbandry conditions for them. A special joy to us this year is that  two Himalayan bears have been born. As it is normal for bears, they were born in winter. First the Zoo specialists tried to listen to sounds of the young by placing stethoscope to the wall of the enclosure. Thus they found out that four-year-old female Gerda had given birth to two cubs. Young bears grow slow, in the age of one month they are completely helpless. The mother is sleeping soundly in winter and their coming into this world does not bother her much. New-born cubs whirl into the pelt in search for nipples (mother bear has six nipples) and start sucking. Most time the cubs are sleeping and sucking the milk. Then tender sun of Spring wakes them up. As a rule, hibernation period ends up in April. Gerda left her den together with her young cubs.

Clumzy fuzzy cubs are curious to learn about theworld surrounding them. This was first litter of Gerda and we were afraid that young mother would not manage to feed both bears. That's why we decided to hand-rear one of the cubs. Female cub was transfered to Department of hand-reared animals. Zoo specialists care of the bear cub night and day. Young Biologists, too, get involved into the nursing. It is a precious experience for them to learn of nursing, feeding and observation of a threee-month-old bear cub. Our visitors may meet this young cub in Animal Pet Area. Gerda mother and her young cub are glad to see you in their spacious enclosure of Bear Facility.