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Readings from N. P. Evald's Works

19 December is the date of 120th anniversary of Nikolay Petrovitch Evald, one of the first directors of Kharkov Zoo and the founder of Young Biologists' Club.

Young Biologists have thoroughly prepared for celebration of this event. They have organized a conference where they presented results of their research papers. 

1. Zhavridovich Diana, "Birds of Surroundings of Bezruki village of Kharkov region". The report on what interesting discoveries can be made if one makes regular and long observations of birds while going out to one's garden.

2. Nazarenko Valeriya, "Trophecology of arachnidae in Kharkov suburbs". The report deals with insects founf in spiders' webs; ecological sense of the investigation.

3. Matsko Yelizaveta, "Cryptobiosis of animalcular invertebrates". How targidradae, rotiferae and other small animals manage to revive after long rest period.

4. Shuvayeva Maria, "Rehabilitation of Common Noctulae". Report on rehabilitation of bats who got injured because of people.

Also we planned to hear Vadim Tchunikhin's report on death of domestic animals that are commonly explained by "tchupakabra dirty tricks". But, alas! Vadim could not participate in the conference and present his report. Tchupakabra tricks, to be sure!

Another report that we have been eagerly waiting for was the report by Katya Rublenko about snail research in Kharkov forest park. Infortunately, Katya got ill and could not come. We wish Katya to get well soon and to achiуму much success in her research!

Of course, report presentation is not the final point in a Young Biologist's work. Young Biologists make presentaitions of their works at various contests (Contest at Junior Science Academy, Research Contest named after P.A. Manteifel etc.) and win the best prizes. Research results get published in research article collections published by the Zoo. We can state confidently - Evald's work is getting on!

We have ended up our conference with spreading out rewards to the most distinguished Young Biologists and we took a picture to remember this event.