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Природа не может перечить человеку, если человек не перечит ее законам

The International Wild Nature Day is a new event that was assigned by the General Assembly of OUN in December of 2013. This date was chosen owing to the other event - the 3rd of March, 1973, when the CITES Cconvention was accepted.

A huge number of flora and fauna species that existed before on the Earth, disapperared or evolved into new species. If mass extinction in the past happened due to unknown natural reasons, nowadays the process of mass extinction due to human influence has become million times faster. What is more frightening, such tendency will keep on being during the decades to come.


The major factors that influence the wild nature are: destroyal or damage of habitat of wild animals; human influence against "bad" insects and carnivores; human population growth. This creates the direct threat to the wild nature of the Earth. At present we can meet such wild animals as a fox, a wild boar and snakes within the city borders. In former times it was not that easy to see them even in the wild of Kharkov region. The main cause of this is the human intrusion into their natural habitat.

We, people, should understand that if we do not take decisive measures in the nearest time to protect global ecology from catastrophe, soon the climate of our planet will irrevocably change.


Дикой природе посвящается
Дикая природа и птица года