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Праздник Солнечного Дня

It is since more than 10 years that we have been keeping a tradition to invite children to Sunny Day Event. Spring will soon change into summer, everything is in bloom, the sun is warm. We, too, try to warm up the spirits of the kids, to make them smile and to make this day special for them. Animals, flowers and surprises will wait for the children.

On 16th of May 55 children from Kharkov Regional Social Rehabilitation Centre came to the Zoo. Mostly all of them have never been in the Zoo before. They saw everything with great interest.

Also 20 handicapped children came from Slavyansk. These children have bright personalities We thank the organizers of this trip.

All kids could watch the animals for a long time but clown Fedya invited them for a merry game. Then children went to the animals pet area where they could hug small rabbits, strike alpaca. goats and a cock, watch a lynx and an otter at a close distance. Then they rode in a carriage and thanked the driver and his horse.


Of course, children grew tired a bit but new surprises were waiting for them. A red fox, a ferret, an owl, a guinea-pig and a turtle came up to them. Children could touch them and talk to them.

All kids received presents from Kharkov Zoo and its sponsor "Berezov Mineral Water" and got tasty ice-cream.

Усталые и счастливые. Обогретые солнышком и нашим теплом.

Счастья вам, дорогие!