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Pelicans and Cormorants are Getting Settled in their Winter Enclosure

When cold weather comes, many of our animals change their outdoor enclosures for indoor ones. Such is the way with pelicans and cormorants, too.

Until now these birds had been kept in winter enclosures of the "Bird House". It was pretty stressful to drive them there both for birds and for Zoo workers, too. In 2013 a new "Pelican House" has been constructed. This facility contained outdoor terrestrial territory with a big pond that was full of live fish. Indoor enclosure has a pool and a big ground with sitting-places for the birds and with a fenced territory for nesting. The House has big windows and is artificially lit to prolong the daytime period. Birds are allowed to choose for themselves whether to stay indoors or to go outdoors.

Pelicans and cormorants lived together in wintertime. In wild nature these two species live quite close. This Spring it was decided to keep them together. Cormorants used to be kept in one of peacock's enclosures. Their got their left wings pinionedand were released into the outdoor enclosure of pelicans. Cormorants enjoyed their new facility, they soon started to build their nests. The collection got replenished with three clutches. Visitors loved this exhibit very much. People could spend much time watching natural behaviour of the birds. We hope that the pelicans and cormorants will feel nice and comfortable in their indoor enclosure. Visitors will be able to watch them through big windows.