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From the Past into the Future

Unique project of Kharkov Zoo reconstruction is on the run. Monkeys will be the first to get new apartments. They will receive "Monkey Planet" exhibit. TAccording to the plan. this will happen next year. Right now the old facility is being removed. 

The history of the "Primate House" (this year it has celebrated its 80th anniversary) has begun in the 30s of the last century. This masterpiece of Zoo architecture was designed in 1937. The construction looked like amphi-theater with a glass roof. It was a very outstanding construction of those times.

But times go on, everything changes and gets more perfect. Our city gets more modern and fresh-looking. New constructions are being designed, parks and gardens are reconstructed. It is high time for the first Zoo in Ukraine to become European-like where maximum of comfort is provided for animals and for visitors.

At present the work is being done according to the schedule. Some monkeys have been transfered to other Zoos of Ukraine. Chimps have been taken on a temporary loan to Berdyansk Zoo. Hamadryas baboons, Anubis baboon and Guinea Baboon and  have been transfered to Odessa Biopark. Rhesus Macaques have been conveyed to Limpopo Zoo (Lvov region).

Othe primates will stay at Kharkov Zoo and will be taken to the "House of Herbivores" where enclosures for temporary keeping are being prepared for them.


Time will soon pass and the renewed and refreshed updated Zoo will become a thing of beauty and a joy fo all visitors, true pride for Kharkov citizens.

Дом приматов_1936-2016 года