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Pancake Week at Kharkov Zoo

Since old times the coming of Spring is celebrated on the last day before the Lent. Our integrity with Nature is especially felt on this day.

13 March the feast of Pancake Week will take place at Kharkov Zoo. Delicious pancakes, joint amusements with friends and parents, seeing the Winter off - all these events will be waiting for the visitors who attend the most delicious and profusive feast of the year. The guests will be able to take part in open air amusements and to treat Zoo animals with pancakes. The beginning will be at 12.00 near the Bear pavilion. 

The program of the feast:

  • All participants and visitors will be offered delicious pancakes;
  • Guisers together with Yarilo the Sun will be waiting for you;
  • Children folklore ensemble will invite you for round dance;
  • Greeting of Spring;
  • Buffoons will play games and spread prizes;
  • The smallest visitors will draw Yarilo Sun-Ярило;
  • Animals will enjoy pancakes, too. Bears are awake after hibernation period and we are happy to treat them with sunny pancakes. Racoons and skunks and ferrets will also be glad to have some. After this we will go to the House of Primates. There you will be offered a master class "Feed a Monkey". Everyone will be taught how to roll pancakes in 10 different ways! Monkeys do not care about that but we humans will be able to decorate our festive table at home. For monkeys we will put pancakes into plastic bottles so that they will have to use their take to get the pancakes out.

We invite everybody for this wonderful festive event!