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Pages from Kharkov Zoo history. Petras and Goverla

Brown bears are common for zoos. They have been inhabiting them since the first zoos appeared. Our zoo got almost all its adult bears from circuses because until now circuses tried to get rid of "untalented" animals. Each year new bear cubs were born in our Zoo.  Sometimes one, sometimes two, three and even four! Earlier, when bears were living in narrow cages, we took three-months-old cubs and prepared them for "Young Animals Ground". All cubs had enough space there and they were taken care of by Young Biologists.  Each cub was given a name. 



In December, 1998, a group of Young Biologists went to the Carpathian mountains to study the nature there. Young Biologists admired the highest mountains of the Carpathians,Goverla mountain (2061) and Petras (2020). To remember this trip well, the Young Biologists decided if new-born cubs should be born that January, they were to be called Petras and Goverla. Someone suggested that two males might be born or two females or just one cub. But no one doubted that a couple  will be born, a male and a female.

And so it came out. Two cubs, a male and e female, were born. We called them Petras and Goverla. The young Biologists will always remember the most beautiful mountains of the Carpathians. Answering the visitors' questions, we always remind them of the marvellous nature of our land where one might still meet the master of the forest, a Brown Bear!