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Owl's Day

22 May Kharkov Zoo has traditionally celebrated the Owl's Day. Our visitors could get more closely acquainted with nocturnal birds of prey. People could learn more about what owls live beside us.

Notwithstanding the protected status, there are still problems of owls living near humans. In the beginning of summer many owl nestlings are brought to the Zoo. People think these young birds are abandoned by their parents. Nestlings are still not afraid of people, that's why they let people carry them away.

Therefore the motto of the event is "Do not take nestlings away!"

At the exhibition of owls visitors could admire nocturnal beauties and learn a lot about their way of living. 


There are 8 species of owls in Kharkov. Barn owl, long-eared owl, Ural owl, gray owl, eagle owl, shriek owl have "presented" themselves at the exhibition.

Gray owl named Klusha agreed to be taken on camera together with visitors.

The most bright and singular owls were presented at the photo exhibition. Art of young artists was shown at the exhibition of children's drawings. All visitors could get their faces painted in "owl" style. Visitors could participate in the quiz game on the subject of nocturnal birds. 

The guest of the event, Researcher of "Gomoslha Forests" reserve Yatsyuk Ye. A. presented his book "Night Guards". He told many facts about life of owls and made a gift to the House of young biologists - a picture painted by I. Zemlyanskikh. The painting shows a nocturnal beauty.

All participants got commemorative prizes. A radio program "Facts and fiction about Owls" was broadcasted. Our visitors got a lot of positive emotions.

Все участники праздника получили памятные призы, услышали подробнейший рассказ из радиобеседы «Правда и вымыслы о совах» и испытали массу положительных эмоций.