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Owl's Day

25 May Kharkov Zoo celebrated Owl’s Day under the motto “Don’t Take Owl Nestlings away from the Forest!” Each spring many owl nestlings are brought to the Zoo. Usually people find them in the city and consider them to be “abandoned by their parents”. It is not like this at all! But nestlings cannot fly until all feathers on their wings and tail grow long enough. They learn how to fly by skipping from branch. During several seconds of vertical fall to the ground the owl nestling flutters its wings as hard as it can by training them in this way. After each such exercise the nestling has to crawl a bit higher by helping itself with claws and beak. During this process its parents may be seeking for food or be sleeping or may fly away on seeing humans. That is why people may see a young owl sitting of a branch or even sitting on the ground. Unfortunately, many people, when seeing a “helpless young owl that cannot fly”, take it to their home or bring it to the Zoo. This is how the parents lose their nestling, the young owl becomes an orphan. PLEASE NEVER DO THIS!

One may "adopt" an owl nestling only if the home tree of the owl has been sawn off, the nestling has fallen on the ground out of the cave.