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Owl Day Event at Kharkov Zoo on the 22nd of May

They soar on the background of nocturnal sky from dawn till sunrise. These winged apparitions have unique hunting skills. Keen ear lets them discern a tiny mouse week. If the prey rustles a little bit, the vigilant owl attacks it with stunning preciseness.

Kharkov Zoo keeps 8 owl species. Five of them are included into the Redbook of Ukraine (barn owl, eaglу owl, Ural owl and scops-owl). All owl species are protected by International conventions, including the IInd Appendix of CITES that limits animal trade.

Each year young owls are brought to the Zoo by people who have found them in the city. These birds seem to them "abandoned by parents". It is not so. Young owls cannot fly well until all feathers grow on their wings and tails. They learn to fly by jumping from branches. During several seconds of "vertical flight" the young bird tries to flap its wings as much as it can thus exercising the muscles. After each exercise the young bird has to climb a bit higher with the help of its pounces and beak. At the same time parents can look for food, sleep or they can just fly away at the sight of approaching human. That's why people often find a young owl sitting on a branch or on the ground. Unfortunately, many people think the bird has been abandoned by the parents or that the bird has fallen off its nest. They take the bird away, thus depriving the nestling of its parents. This should never be done!

We would like to tell you of the necessity of careful attitude to this birds. Please be delicate when you meet wild inhabitants of gardens, paerks and forests. Do not interfere into their lives witout any reason.

The event will start at Kharkov Zoo near the foutain at 12.00. All participants will be able to listen to owl vioices, to take part in the quiz game. The research assistant of National Forest Reserve "Gomolsha Forest" Yatzyuk Ye.A. will make presentation of his book "Night Wanderers". Also he visitors will learn from the Zoo radio broadcast "Truth and Legends about Owls" about many peculiarities of these amazing birds.

You will be invited to see the exhibitions of owls and photo exhibition "Winged Kings of Night".

Let's Spend this Event Together!