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Outing Lectures of Kharkov Zoo

Kids get a chance of learning more about animal world as well as contacting animals when Kharkov Zoo is their guest. Such educational events take place regularly in kindergartens, schools, children camps, parks, colleges.


A tortoise and a guinea-pig, a rabbit and a nutria, a porcuine and a hedgehog, an owl and a fox - all these animals still do not make the full list. Up to 20 animals are taken out to such lectures. For kids we offer lecture "Animals - main characters of fairytales and cartoons", for junior secondary school we offer "Law protects nature", for senior school pupils we render lecture on Kharkov region fauna.

These lectures are always very popular. Kids enjoy patting a rabbit, taking a tortoise into hands, talking to a monkey and touching a hedgehog. These lectures help kids to become more self-assured and kind.