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Our Winners

The Young Biologists' Club of Kharkov Zoo was initially designed as a site where children could acquire animal care practical skills in order to become Zoo workers in future. This taks of Young Biologists' Club is successfully fulfilled during 90 years.

Children also acquire theoretical knowledge at the club. We teach lessons in biology and in ecology. Children also practice camping and field research. Conferences of Young Biologists are being organized twice a year. Children present their research papers there.

The best index of our success are prize winners. In the course of many years our Young Biologists won contests of research papers named after P.A. Manteifel which took place at Moscow Zoo. We take an active part in Minor Academy of Science Contest. This year we have two winners of the contest.

Diana Zhavridovitch presented her paper on birds of Dergatchy region. In the course of two years Diana made observations of birds in the outskirts of her garden. As a result, she registrated 90 species of birds and created a large photo base.

The second winner is Yelena Rodenko. She started with research on Zoo-kept animals. Then she participated on the Rehabilitation Centre of Bats. Her paper was dedicated to status report of bats in Kharkov city, namely in Kharkov Zoo. 

Also we congratulate Young Biologist Liza Matsko who won the 3rd place in Biology Academic Competition.

We greet our Young Biologists and wish them lots of success in the future!