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Our pride

The traditional contest of research papers of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has finished recently. Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo have also been taking part in this event for several years. This time the Club of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo was represented by Yelizaveta Matsko in "Zoology and Botany" section and by Diana Zhavridovitch in "Nature Protection" section. Liza, having used a stereomicoscope, prepared the study of invertebrates "behaviour" and issued her paper "Survivability of Microscopic Invertebrates that inhabit mosses, after Cryptobiosis". This work has won the second prize. Diana,having made more than 300 field trips, learned how to discern more than 100 species of birds. She made a report "Rare and Endangered Animals of Bezruki Village Surroundings, Kharkov Region". Her report has won the third place. 


In the nearest future the girls will go to the "Young Zoologists Contest" in the National Econatural Centre. We wish them success and new achievements!