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The Openiong of the 120th Jubilee Season in Kharkov Zoo on the 1st of May

Kharkov Zoo is included into th list of twenty eldest Zoos of the world. At present  we are getting ready to celebrate its 120th Anniversary. Together with our animals, we are happy to meet our friends at Kharkov Zoo. 

It has become a good tradition of Kharkov citizens to come together with their families and to bring their friends to the Zoo. Notwithstanding its reverend age, Kharkov Zoo is always upgrading and never gets old. Situated in historical centre of the city, renovated and blooming, Kharkov Zoo is green heart of Kharkov megapolis. 

Our visitors are fascinated to meet the animals in their spacious outdoor encloisures. As usual, one may take a horse ride, take a snack and have some rest in a cosy nook of the Zoo.

Zoo inhabitants are in a spring flurry. The air is filled with multi-voice birds singing where first parts are performed by blue-tits, chaffinches and brown willow warbler. Fussy jackdaws pick old winter wool from deer and lulans backs. Almost all animals have moved into their outdoor enclosures where they enjoy summer Sun. One can admire babies' playing in enclosures of monkeys, moufflons and peccaries. You will never forget the beautiful sight of subtlеFlamingo group together with magnifiocent European White Pelicans.  

First flowers, yellow and violet crocuses, bring much joy. Warm and tender sun is shining at mirror-like surface of the ponds. The air is filled with spring freshness. Head-spinning aromas of lilac and of fruit trees create a festive atmosphere.

Visitors will be accompanied with personages from fairy-tales - Spiderman, Leopold Cat, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka and Rabbit Funtik. Astrological symbol  of the year, a charming goat, will wish everyone joy and happiness.

Come to the Zoo and feel unforgettable joy from coming in touch with the mystery of nature! 

We invite everybody to our beloved Zoo! We are ready to meet you from 8.00 till 20.00.