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An Offspring of Kestrel Becomes a New Inhabitant of the Zoo

A month-old small kestrel's nestling has recently appeared in Kharkiv Zoo. He was found on the ground, under thuyas. Kharkiv people brought it to the Zoo at once. Before that they fed it with meet and gave it some water because, as its rescuers said, it was extremely hungry and took food from their hands. Zoo specialists say that it was in perfect healthy, without any fractures or any traces of attack by another animal.


Nevertheless, the youngster was quite stressed bacause it was taken out of its habitual environment. Now the nestling is getting adapted to new living conditions. Its menu consists of various food - insects, rodents, meat. The youngster has got excellent appetite, it eagerly eats the offered food. The daily food amount wighs about 30 grams. When the nestling gets strong it will be released back into the wild. 


Маленьке пташеня боривітра - новий мешканець зоопарку