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Odessa City, a Marine Pearl

Each city of Ukraine - Kharkov, Lvov, Kiev - has its unique local colour. Odessa, too, has got it. It is the unforgettable sense of humour that can be recognized while looking at signs and advertisements.

In Odessa Zoo there has been organized a two-day workshop under the topic "Ecological Education Activities of Ukrainian Zoos". This workshop has been attended by specialists from Ascania Nova, Nikolayev Zoo, Kiev Zoo, Kharkov Zoo, Lutsk Zoo, Rovno Zoo and Feldman Ecopark.

Igor Vladimirovitch Belyakov, the Director of Odessa Zoo, opened the workshop. Last year ended up in positive balance for Odessa Zoo, that allowed to open new spacious enclosures for togers and for monkeys. Besides that, Igor Vladimirovitch shared his vast experience in organization of public events. He has inspired lots of creative ideas and participated in organization of many merry and festive events in Odessa Zoo. Other workshop participants also delivered their speeches thus sharing their ideas of organization of educational and ecological events in Zoos.

Директор Одесского зоопарка Игорь Владимирович Беляков

When official  part was finished, guests were invited for an excusion trip to Odess dolphinarium. There they visited the Oceanarium and listened to interesting talks on living of underwater kingdom. Of course, the guests dedicated some time to admire the Black Sea. This was the first day of the workshop. 

Одесский дельфинарий Одесский дельфинарий Одесский дельфинарий Одесский дельфинарий

In the evening and during nigth-time we had a possibility to admire wonderful glimpses of the city.

Ночная Одесса Ночная Одесса Ночная Одесса

The workshop tool place at 30 and 31 of October. Halloween night also coincided with the date. The night of evil spirits happened in Odessa Zoo, too. This night we found ourselves in the midst of vampires and ghosts led by Professor acted by... guess who? You are right, the Professor part was acted by Igor Vladimirovitch Belyakov, Director of Odessa Zoo. The event started at the entrance gate and gradually plunged into the middle of the Zoo. Almost among complete darkness (we had no light besides the Professor's torch) we saw lions and wolves devouring their food, we fed porcupines so that they could not stalk us for prey. That's how we appeared in the centre of the festive "den". To get out of it safe and sound, we had to sip some blood and to eat some raw meat. That was the way to convince the evil spirits that surrounded us, that we are of their kin.

Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке Хеллоуин в Одесском зоопарке

The nest day was quite creative.  We attended the "Halloween Show" prepared for the Zoo visitors. We saw how bears, elephant and monkeys were fed. This show was quite impressive.

Unfortunately, everything has its end sooner or later. Our trip was to end, too. After the farewell dinner Igor Vladimirovitch made another present for us. We visited the Museum of peculiar science. We saw lots of unusual appliances that were not that easy to understand.Odessa city is a place where one wants to return once more, to walk down Richelieu Street, to visit Odessa Zoo. We would like to express our gratitude to Igor Vladimirovitch Belyakov for remarable workshop.

P.S. Odessa city, you are wonderful. Live long and stay prosperous.