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“Noli nocere!”

28 February the XIIth Yearly Ecoethical Conference was organized. This year the motto of the Conference was  “Noli nocere!”. The photos have been made by Anton Sergeyevitch Vlashtchenko.

The event has been organized by the eco-naturalistic department of Kharkov Children Creative Art Palace (namely by the bioethics circle) together with Kharkov Zoo Young Biologists' Club named after N. P. Evald. Children from Zo theatre of Feldman Ecopark attended the Conference as well as kids from school N 100. Young biologists from Pokotilovka village were guests of the Conference.

Plenary reports were presented by:

Anton Olegovitch Orlenko, leading veterinary of the Centre of clinical veterinary. His report was titled "Bioethical Aspects of Modern Veterinary". He demonstrated how methods and approaches of human medicine are used in veterinary practice. The video of CPR made a special impression on everybody.

Naglov Aleksandr Vladimirovitch, assistant professor of the Chair of Physiology of Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin presented the report "Ethical Methods of Biology Students' Teaching". Aleksandr Vladimirovitch showed us appliances used for experimental surgery course. He also told us of the cause of such discipline uprize at the University. 

 The third report was presented by Yelena Vladislavovna Kravtchenko, leader of "Animal Help League". She discussed the problem of stray animals in cities. She told how her organization tries to solve these problems and what help it gives to people who cannot stay indifferent to pet animals abandoned by their owners. http://ligapethelp.org/


Young biologists told about batteries recycling, about Chernobyl zone fauna, about status and rehabilitation of bats, also about emperor moth breeding. The youngest participant from school N 100 told us of his attitude to the problem of abandoned animals who live in streets.

Right now kids are getting ready for the Young Biologists' Conference that will take place in the end of April.