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Night of Bats in Kharkov Zoo

Kharkov Zoo is inviting you to the lecture dedicated to the International Night of Bats!

21 September, Sunday, we are waiting for you to take a trip into the fascinating, informative and unusual world of these mysterious animals.

The "EUROBATS" organization has been the rallying point of the event in more than 60 countries of the world. It is for the first time that Kharkov Zoo offers this event for its visitors. 

The program of the event:

  • lecture on the bats of Kharkov city and of Kharkov region;
  • demonstration of the Сhiroptera;
  • audition of sounds made by bats with the aid of ultra-sonic detector.

Info materials will be spread out to all attendants of the lecture.

Международной ночи летучих мышейМеждународной ночи летучих мышей

We are waiting for you at 16.00 near the main gate of the Zoo (near Shevtchenko park). The lecture will be offered in the Zooclub. All registered attendants will be let into the Zoo at the cost of children ticket (10 grivnas). 

preliminary registration is obligatory. The registration will proceed until 14.00 of 21 September. The number of seats in the hall of the Zooclub is limited.

The registration by the phone - please call 78 170 78 or 066 305 98 95, 096 59 11 624. You need to give the name and surname of the participant.  

e-mail: bat-kharkov@yandex.ru

The website dedicated to the Chiroptera of Kharkov Zoo:  www.bat-kharkov.in.ua