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Next Transfer of Monkeys to Lvov Region

For some Zoo inhabitants the day of Wednesday, 21st of September, was a final day of staying in the old Kharkov Zoo. Since early morning the workers of the Primates' House prepared transportation cages for the animals. Then the capture of monkeys started.

The main problem of capture procedure is to allure the animal into the transportation cage. In order to do it, transportation box is adjoined to the trap door. The trap door is removed and the animal is allured to walk into the transportation box. As long as the animal does it, it is "trapped".

After the capture the animals were fetched into the car. The car had been specially adjusted for animal transportation.

The Zoo "Limpopo" that is situated in the suburbs of Lvov city, far enough from Kharkov, welcomed a group of primates from Kharkov Zoo.This time we transfered our group of pig-tailed macaques that consisted of five females and one male. The monkeys stood the trip quite well. Right now they are having fun in thei new living place.