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New Year Events in Kharkov Zoo

The most fabulous time in winter is, of course, New Year and Christmas. Our Zoo does everything to make these holidays bright and colourful. Kharkov Zoo is always glad to meet its friends, animal lovers.

Father Frost met children and adults at the entrance gate. Games, contests and divertisements near the New Year Tree gave much fun to our visitors. Kids enjoyed the preformance of a fluffu white goat Lada. After games kids went to the Zooclub hall. Artificial fir-tree. brightly decorated, was flashins its lights, walls of the hall exhibited drawings and new-year handmade works made by schoolchildren of Kharkov city and  of Kharkov region. This year the exhibition consisted of more than 100 works. So much fantasy, skill and creativity was showed in these works! New Year Trees made of cloth, paper, beads, threads, wool, sweets and even pasta! Drawn posters attracted kids' attention to the necessity of saving live coniferous trees, to the need of nature protection.

A surprise from Junior Bank was waiting for kids. Kids participated in the quiz game. The winners received marvellous prizes from the Junior bank. 

The young biologists of Kharkov Zoo prepared a New Year show. Hand-reared pets participated in the show together with the young biologists! The special treat of the show was the possibility to pat fluffy participants of the show. Kids could also pat a rabbit,a ferret and a red fox.  

After the show,notwithstanding the frosty weather, all kids enjoyed a ride in a carriage driven by a horse! Then kids were invited for a walk round the Zoo.

Well, Newa Year and Christmas are over. But nice memories have remained. We are looking forward to the next New Year celebration. 

Happy New Year! We wish happiness to everybody!!!