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New Enclosure in Kharkov Zoo

When the summer begins, more and more visitors come to Kharkov Zoo. They come to plunge into the world of live nature, they bring their children and friends, they rejoice their meeting with their childhood. Our guests watch our Zoo getting more attractive each year. Notwithstanding its respectable age - 120 years - the much-belove-d by Kharkov citizens oasis gets younger and younger. The eldest Zoo in Ukraine gets better, new  up-to-date enclosures are being constructed. New peculiar exhibits are being  created. We do our best to make keeping conditions as true to natural as possible. Also we do everything to make Zoo a comfortable leisure place for visitors. 

Nowadays Kharkov Zoo has almost finished a spacious, several ha of space, cheetah enclosure. It's a unique project. Such exhibits have never been created until now in any Ukrainian Zoo. All necessary keeping conditions for cheetahs have been accounted for. Our visitors will soon have a possibility to meet the cheetahs; we believe that the new-comers will love their new enclosure.

Enclosure for Cheetahs

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to fulfil everything that has been planned. But, notwithstanding the upraising difficulties, the Zoo continues the construction of the Giraffe House.

Much work has been done and we hope that Kharkov citizens who miss long-necked creatures greatly, will again admire the magnificent giraffes.

Construction of House for Giraffes

In the space between carnivore birds enclosures and deer enclosures the work is humming! Here we erect a new complex for hooved animals. Moufflons and Siberian wild goats will celebrate their housewarming party on Zoo Birthday. We invite everyone to celebrate this event. It is not a coincidence that the representatives of the Symbol of the year got a possibility to move into new apartments this year. Sunheat-protected enclosures with natural ground will be furnished with rocky hills with shelters, so much needed by these passionate rock-climbers.

Process of Construction of Enclosure for Goats and Sheep

We would like to thank our visitors for their understanding, love and sincere love. Both we and our animals are always  happy to see you.