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Наш курносый крокодил

These years it has become a fashion to keep various exotic animals at home. Such dilettant biologists have no notion that it is not an easy task to keep wild animals at home. When they learn that it takes time and effort and considerable risk, they try to get rid of the "inconvenient" pet animal and bring it to the Zoo (the animal is lucky is there is a Zoo).

One of our Nile crocodiles was brought to the Zoo by his former master a few years ago. When he was small, he had been taken to terrarium in an office.The aquarium was small. However, the crocodile "somehow" kept on growing up. After several years he became too big for the terrarium and he could not move. Due to absence of free space his jaws became crooked. He needs to be fed from tweezers as he is not able to take food himself.