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Набор в кружок юных биологов

The Young Biologists Club of Kharkov Zoo is the eldest of its kind in Ukraine. We announce the intake for the 2014-2015 studying year.

The Club is waiting for entrants aged from 12 to 16 years. The demands for the entrants are:  feeling of responsibility, keen interest in biology, willingness to attend classes regularly.

The formation of groups will proceed from 25 August till 15 October.

In order to apply for membership one needs to bring recommendation from school bearing school stamp print, signed by biology teacher of supervising teacher. The entrant should come with a parent or an adult relative to take introductory training of safety regulations and labour protection. After that one turns in his\her membership application.

The Club attendance is free. The member of the Club gets an identity card that allows free admission tof the Zoo.

The duration of the study course takes several years. Classes are led by qualified teachers and biologists. The program includes theoretical and practical courses in zoology, general biology and nature conservation, educational excursions and expeditions, animal care skills (feeding, cleaning up, handling, environment enrichment).  Young Biologists also participate in organization of festive events at the Zoo.


As a rule, the classes are given on weekdays from 9.00 till 14.00. The classes continue in the course of the school year. Individual schedule is determined by the age of the member, season of the year and other circumstances. During school vacations the time-table of the classes will be changed.

You are welcome to ask your questions by the phone  095 543 57 97 (Yevgeny Aleksandrovitch, leading educator of the Club).