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My Zoo at Home. Geckos.

At present Olga and Alexander are keeping about 40 various lizards. Among this diversity there are unique species that are presented in single units. For example, they are still looking for a female of Phelsuma borbonika mater for their male.


Their collection started from studying at the Biological Department at the University and ensuing work at the Pet Shop. Olga fell in love with reptilia. The first representative, Phelsuma madascariensis grandis, came to the shop in 2009. It was in a deplorable condition. Olga managed to cure it and then she got offspings from it. Lizards are special animals for her. She gets a lot of fun while dealing with them, they make no noise and they are able to live withous their masters for some while (for example, when their masters are leaving on vacation).


There are even tamed individuals who enjoy sitting on the palm of the hand of their master. What animals are living at your home? Please share your stories.



Мой домашний зоопарк. Гекконы