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Much-waited-for Posterity

In our House of Birds there is a festal occasion: Green-Winged Macaw pair have got nestlings. It has been a long time since these birds have bred. Last time they got nestlings in 2005. This Autumn has made us a present in the shape of two charming nestlings.


At present they stay under parental care. THeir parents teach many useful skills to them, e.g. how two crack a chestnut etc. These nestlings are supposed to be "boys". We would like to ask you, our dear friends, to help us choose names for them. Please follow this link and propose your variants if names there — https://vk.com/topic-68368143_35113696 We will choose the pattest variants among all that have been suggested suggested and we will gave those names to our green-winged macaw youngsters.

Долгожданное потомство