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Monkeys and Maslenitsa

This week was unusual for our animals. Due to global reconstrucion the Zoo is closed but this cannot stand in the way of Maslenitsa celebration. Do not be surprized, some animals can have pancakes included into their diet in reasonable quantities. Monkeys turned out to be great lovers of this treat. They have been waiting for pancake week with special agitation.

Green Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys, Pig-Tailed Monkeys, Japanese Monkeys and Hamadryas Baboons first eagerly watched the keepers spreading fillings on pancakes (this year these were strawberry jam and cottage cheese with raisins). Soon the cut pieces of dessert were placed on plates. Then the most interesting thing started, degustation. Monkeys jumped around their cages, exchanged cries and tried not to miss their share.