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Minor Academy of Science at Kharkov Zoo

20 August Summer Biology School of Kharkov Regional Department of Minor Academy of Science was held at Kharkov Zoo. This school was organized together with Kharkov Educators' House for schoolcholdren who are working on research projects of Minor Academy of Science.

The topic of this year was biodiversity. Within this topical frame schoolchildren fulfilled various tasks in zoology, botanics and nature protection. One of the contests had to deal with European White Pelicans, "birds of 2015 year", another contest dealt with Redbook Fauna of Ukraine, the third contest was dedicated to bears, the fourth - to local flora, the fithe contest demanded schoolchildren to recognize various animals by preparations and collections kept in the House of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo. The most successful participants received sweet prizes from the organizers but the main gain was, of course, the knowledge received and nice mood that children got in the Zoo.

We would like to remind you that Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo are among members of the Minor Academy of Science. They accomplish diligent research and win the best prizes at contests. Last year the following papers were awarded with prizes:

Rublenko Yekaterina - "Fauna of Terrestrial Volutida of Kharkov Zoo" (Research Leader - Yatsiuk Ye.A., Worker of "Gomolsha Forest" Reserve);

Rodenko Yelena - "Rehabilitation of Chiroptera in Kharkov in Winter" (Research leader - Prilutskaya A.S., Research Worker, Educator and Lecturer);

Chunikhin Vadim - "Infestation of Foliage of Trees and Shrubs of Kharkov Zoo" (Research Leader Kiosya Ye.A., Leading Methodist of Young Biologists Circle of Kharkov Zoo);

Another paper, though not having been awarded, was noted by the jury as interesting and prospective one:

Shuba Vladislav - "Biology and Biologists in Names of Streets and Monuments of Kharkov City" (Research Leader - Kiosya Ye.A.)

This year we are also going to take part in the contest and we hope for good results, too.

Notwithstanding hard times, we are sure that science means future.

You are welcome to watch photos from the event: