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The Middle of Summer

The period of short summer nights has passed. It is hot in the daytime but days become shorter bit by bit. The autumn is inevitable and it makes you appreciate every sunny day. There are few places in Kharkov city where you may savour the charm of summer as much as in the Zoo. There is the second wave of bloom of roses in Kharkov Zoo. Rose, the queen of flowers, has her escort of cone flowers, starworts, cannas, petunias and marigold.

Though they say "do not count your chickens before they are hatched", still we may boast of several new births. Mute Swan siblings have grown up a bit. One might call them "ugly ducklings" because they are loosey-goosey now. Young storks have learned how to fly. In less than a month they will leave the Zoo forever and will join their wild kin.  

Moufflons who have traditionally opened the "baby boom" in Kharkov Zoo, have grown up and look no different from their mos. Young camel and eland calves have grown so big and look quite self-sufficient though they are still sucklings and need to be milk-fed. If one looks into their childish unsuspecting eyes, one understands they are still babies. The enclosure for peccaries and guanacos is overfilled (a joke!) with young animals. Young guanaco cub resembles a plush toy and peccary cubs look like tiny graceful piglets.

Kharkov Zoo is still the place where one can enjoy the quiet. No noise from Kharkov streets can reach the shadowy alleys of the Zoo. There have been created the quiet nooks where you can sit and relax. Dogs are not allowed, so no unpleasant surprises for the kids.

Come to us and enjoy the quiet and get wonderful impressions from associating with our unusual inhabitants.