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Meet Kiang in Kharkov Zoo

21 October Kharkov Zoo received a present from the regional landscape park "Feldman Ecopark".

Kiang named Malysh was born 9 November 2005 on Brno Zoo. The legend says that Tibetan donkey kiang brings happiness, success and joy to the place where he lives. That;s why  Feldman Ecopark decided to send us one of their kiang males as a present for our Zoo. Kiangs are quite seldom kept in Zoos, more often one can meet their relatives - kulans.

Кианг (Equus kiang) Кианг (Equus kiang)

The animals stood the transportation well. Bit by bit it accustomes to his new home. He already knows where his feeder and water stand are. The next step is to get familiar with his house where there is shelter from wind and precipitation. Winters are quite damp in Kharkov. Kiangs live in high mountains of Tibetes, that's why they stand low temperatures well. Moisture is more dangerous for them. To keep their house dry, floor is regularly covered with saw dust. Answering the questions of journalists, Zoo workers told that Malysh is very friendly to the visitors. The keeper safely entered the enclosure, patted the kiang and cleaned the enclosure. The favourite dish in Autumn is pumpkin. In summer kiang enjoys green grass. 

His neighbours, a group of moufflons, watch him with wonder. Let;s wish them friendship and peaceful coexistence...