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Matvey's Lot

Many people think that the only goal of the Zoo is the exhibition of animals to visitors. In reality the task of the Zoo is wider and deeper than it might seem. This involves endangered species conservation, breeding of endangered animal species, help to animals who have suffered from humans. Many animals that live in the Zoo have suffered a lot from human cruelty.

The story of rescue of a Brown Bear Matvey is just legendary. More than ten years ago a successful (in those times) businessman took a bear from Mena Zoo and placed the animal at his own farm in Tchernigov region to amuse himself and his friends. The bear was fed with live cats and dogs, once a month he got a bag of oats. Due to such keeping the animal injured 10 people. Gradually the businessman lost his gain and forgot about the bear. The animal stayed alone in a small soiled cage, without any food and any water. Local people tried to help the animal somehow. Also there were some people who tried to torment him. The bear would have surely died from hunger, cold and ilness if the leader of Green party in Tchernigov region did not take the matter in his hands. As a result, the bear was transfered to Kharkov Zoo. We think that his life now is quite happy, comparing to all the suffering he got. A bear female named Sonya shares the enclosure with him.