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The Master of Taiga has Come to Kharkov Zoo

Upgrading of Kharkov Zoo that has been initiated by Kharkov city Mayor, is well under its way. The new concept of the Zoo is giving the first place to keeping and breeding of rare and endangered species. 

Owing to European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Kharkov Zoo has acquired Amur tiger, a true master of taiga, seven-month-old beautiful Amur Tiger male.

Elyssey, our young male, is getting used to new living conditions. His parting with mother influences his behaviour. In the wild tiger cubs are cared for by their mother until they become two years old. By this time young tigers become as big as their mother. They know how to find food, how to protect their territory and how to communicate with nature. Zoo staff members try to substitute his mother.

The tiger cub will stay under quarantine until the beginning of January. After this he will receive a new apartment and they will be waiting for his new Tiger Exhibit named "Tiger Path". We are waiting for arrival of the match for Ellyssey with whom he will get new cubs in the new European Zoo.