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Maslenitsa Festival

This Sunday, 13 March, Kharkov Zoo celebrated Maslenitsa festival. There were pancakes, hot tea, round dancing, driving dickenses away and, of course, the culmination of the event - burning of Maslenitsa, symbol ow Winter. The only thing that was lacking was the Sun. But bad weather did not spoil our high spirits.

All participants could take part in various contests, taste the pancakes and take a photo with a fox, a ferret and other pet animals. But this was just the beginning. The most interesting followed...

Zoo is a place where visitors can watch animals, their behaviour. This Sunday all our guests could offer a present to animals - feed pancakes to animals.

Racoons, ferrets and bears had just pancakes.  Our close relatives, monkeys, had pancakes with various stuffings, fruit and vegetables.

Peeled tangerines, nuts, jam, honey, frozen cherries and black currants, cottage cheese, fresh cucumbers, carrots and cabbage were offered inside the pancakes. Each pancake was rolled in a different fashion and was decorated with greens and offered to monkeys. Primates readily accepted the treats and asked for more. There never can be too much of pancakes!