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Mandarin Ducks

These amazing birds live since sities of the XXth century in Kharkov Zoo. They are a true decoration of the House of Birds. The male shines out with his plumage resembling a high official in ancient China. These birds come from the Far East, they are not afraid of winter cold and they feel well in any time of the year.


In Japan these birds are much beloved. Even a hungry hunter is not allowed to kill this bird. Japanese consider these birds to be a symbol of martial fidelity. In reality these birds make a pair only for one season. 

We wish everyone love, fidelity, true family happiness  this New year!

You are always welcome to come to the Zoo. Do not forget to bring your family. It is always good to spend your free time in Kharkov Zoo.

Приглашаем всех к нам в гости, ведь зоопарк, прежде всего, место для семейного отдыха, здесь всегда красиво и интересно.