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Love That is Worth of a Tusk

Each conjugal couple has its disputes and arguments but love always wins. Animals are no different. Our elephant family who stays together for 14 years already had a bit of misunderstanding in last New Year holidays. Female Tendy who tried to prove to her husband that she was right, run short of words and used her last implement - her female temperament. This resulted in her tusk breaking against the bar rail.


Elephant tusks grow during their life span and sometimes elephants break them in the wild and in Zoos, too. Our elephants broke their tusks more than once. This case was not an exception. The pulp was not affected. One has to wait until a new tusk appears. Presently Tendy female overgoes day-to-day medical inspection, the location of the broken tusk is daily washed with antiseptic agent. The elephant feels no inconvenience while taking her food. Still, the absence of the tusk disturbs her.

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