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Kharkov Zoo will be Divided into Geographical Zones

The Reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo will Imply Division of the Terrotory into Climatic Zones

This was announced today at the meeting dedicated to Kharkov Zoo reconstruction led by the city mayor Gennady Kernes.

According to the leading architect Maya Polivanova animals will be divided into groups depending on their zoogeographical habitat. The Zoo will have the Tiger Path, Wild Australia, African Savannah, Amazon Forest, River Ponds, Cheetah Valley, Monkey Planet, Elephant Kingdom etc. Also a big animal pet area will be constructed with territory of 5200 sq.m.

The architects have already settled what facilities are to be removed, what facilities are to be reconstructed. Among these are Monkey House, Elephant House, Aquarium, Giraffe House (the last facility will be feinished). Also a special maintenance zone will be constructed. The reconstruction will start this summer. 

Gennady Kernes has underlined that the reconstruction project should consider the convenience of visitors. All entrances should be easily accessible. Steps should be made where they are needed. Parking places should be made.

"Pedestrians as well as car drivers should have a convenient access to the Zoo. Enough number of parking places is needed. Many people will visit the Zoo. There is no question of chaotic movement. Kharkov citizens will see new standards of animal welfare. We are to keep and renew our Zoo", has marked Gennady Kernes.

Also he reminded us of the future reconstruction of Shevtchenko Park. "These are two different objects, they need to different approaches", stipulated the city mayor. 

Kharkov Zoo is one of the eldest Zoos in Ukraine. Its collection involves about 7000 animals of 400 species - fishes, amphibia, reptilia, birds and mammals. The territory of the Zoo is 16,8 hectares. After the reconstruction this Zoo will become the first European-standard Zoo in Ukraine. Grates and barriers between visitors and animals will be removed where it is possible. Instead of them moats and electric fencing will be used.