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Kharkov Zoo has Celebrated its 120th Anniversary

Kharkov Zoo was founded in 1895. Since then many events happened , joyful and sometimes sad.


Today, having successfully overcome all hardships, Kharkov Zoo is celebrating its 120th Anniversary, 90th Anniversary of Young Biologists' Club foundation and 90th Anniversary of Elephant House foundation.

5 August jubilee meeting of Zoo workers gathered in the Smaller Hall of Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Colleagues from Moscow Zoo, Kiev Zoo, Nikolayev Zoo, Odessa Zoo, Cherkassy Zoo, Rovno Zoo and Lutsk Zoo came to greet us as well as specialists of Biosphere Reserve "Ascania Nova", Poltava Zoo and specialists from Odessa veterinary clinic "Romadan A.A."

Also Kharkov city administration officials were present.

Besides kind words and souvenirs the Zoo received new wonderful animals. Kharkov Zoo collection received a pair of striped mongooses - this was a present from Moscow Zoo. Canadian geese and bar-headed geese were given by Kiev Zoo. Odessa Zoo  gave us a pair of scops owls as a present. Nikolayev Zoo gave us water dragon. Feldman Ecopark made a gift of a pair of Hamadryas baboons.

Подарочный сертификат от Киевского зоопарка Казарка атлантическая Гусь горный

Actors from musical comedy theatre performed as well as children art groups. Young Biologists presented performance with their tamed animals.

On this day we also greeted Kharkov Zoo veterans - people who dedicated many years of their lives to Zoo work. The best worlers were awarded diplomas from EARAZA, also they received letters of recognition from Kharkov Regional Council, from Department of Culture and Tourism of Kharkov Regional City Administration, from the Head of Kharkov Regional Council, from administration of Dzerzhinsky region Department  of Kharkov City Administration.

For the first time in history of Kharkov Zoo a new hymn of Kharkov Zoo was created and performed by Alexandr Kvarta, the winner of "Ukraine Has got Talent" competition.

A renowned Kharkov biologist Andrey Gaptchenko presented a film about Kharkov Zoo history, specially created to thу 120ер anniversary of Kharkov Zoo:

6 August we organized festive event for all Kharkov city inhabitants.

Near the Zoo administration office one could see a festive performance. After the concert the results of competitions announced earlier by the Zoo, have been summed up. Kharkov social organization "I'm a Kharkov Inhabitant" was chosen as winner of video greetings' competition.

Yevseyev Roman, Butenko Yevgenia and Varenko K.I. became winners of photo contest.

Zoo specialists together with Young Biologists of the Zoo prepared theme exhibitions in which they presented the "treasures": objects collected during trips, expeditions and practical courses of young biologists, historical photos of the Zoo, exotic inveterbrates, also photos of animals made for contest praticipation.


On the Zoo territory there were master classes prepared by Association of mothers who have got big families (AMMA). Also Zoo visitors could participate in engrossing quest organized with support of Department of family issues together with active leisure organization "Teleport". All participants received prizes from TM "Weleda" and from adventure park "Corsaire".

Doll thestre presented an "Elephant in the Tree" show on the Zooclub scene. It created sensation among young Zoo visitors. Before the show young visitors could participate in merry contests and games and get prizes from children toy shop "Island of Wonders".

Also there was a Zoo lottery in which visitors could win souvenirs from the Zoo.

Guests and colleagues from other cities visited the Regional Landscape Reserve Park "Olkhovaya Balka" ("Alder-tree Valley") (http://wild-park.ho.ua/).

This Lanscape Reserve Park was created mainly by efforts of Kharkov Zoo specialists. 

Письмо от президента ЕАРАЗА В.В. Спицина