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Kharkov Zoo Announces Campaign "Let's Save New Year Trees"

Kharkov Zoo announces "Let's Save New Year Trees" Campaign and invites children from 5 to 16 years of age to take part in the exhibition "New Year Creative Arts".

The goal of the Campaign is to show how one can decorate the New Year Feast without destroying live trees.

Poster Exhibition "Let Coniferous Trees Stay Alive"

(Posters should be presented on paper of A1 or A2 format).

The goal of the contest is to bring up conservational ideology and active life phylosophy. Children should not stay indifferent to coniferous trees devastation. 

We invite schools, children creative art circles and all interested children to participate in the contest.

Each organization or circle is to turn in not more than 5 creative art items and not more than 3 posters.

Please put a label saying the name, family name, age of the child; school N or name of the circle; full name of the teacher; home address, contact phone number.

Please bring your creative art works and posters not later than 22nd of December, 2015.

We will be glad to answer your questions by  phone. Tel. number is 705-44-89.