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From Kharkov to Nikolayev

From Kharkov to Nikolayev - this is the route which took two representatives of ungulates of Kharkov Zoo. A young male of markhor and a young female of Siberian ibex have found their home in one of the best Zoos of Ukraine. They have been sent their on a breeding loan programme. 

Each wild animal feels stress if it feels considerable changes in its life. In order to make thу stress as minimal as possible our specialists have used immobilization techniques using veterinary gun. This procedure is harmful to animals' health. After the animals had been were immobilized, Zoo workers placed them in transportation cages and sent them for Nikolayev. 

The animals feel well now. At present they study their new territories, get acquainted with representatives of their species. We hope, soon their kids will bring lots of joy to Nikolayev Zoo visitors.

Харьков - Николаев