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Kharkov is Leader of Ukraine

Our Young Biologists Diana Zhavridovitch and Yelizaveta Matsko have won another contest. These two members of Young Biologists' Claub named after N.P. Evald, have conquered first places at the yearly Ukrainian contest of young zoologists and animal-takers that  is organized by national eco-naturalistic center in Kiev. Liza has presented her paper "Survival of Inverterbrates that inhabit mosses, after cryptobiosis". Diana has presented her paper "Rare and Endangered Animals in surroundings of Village Bezruki". Many years of minute research preceeded the publishment of their papers. The result of these research papers have been highly estimated in the capital. The girls said that such contests made it possible for them to get acquainted with other Ukrainian young bilogists' research.


We are proud of our young biologists and we hope that they will participate on other contests, present their research and realize their talents in their beloved work!