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A Kharkov Citizen

A month has passed since tiger cub named Elysseycame to Kharkov Zoo. We hope that the most difficult period in his life has ended. During first two weeks he was afraid of everything - people and new objects in the enclosure and kept on staying in his house. After some time Ellyssey got used to the members of the Zoo staff who took care after him; still he was afrai of unfamiliar people.

Yesterday he gingerly went for a walk to get acquainted with his territory. When he saw unfamiliar people he tried to hide in snow or behind some other objects.

The tiger has an excellent appetite. He enjoys beef and liver. He weighs about 35 kilos. We hope that the adaptation period will soon be over and Elyssey will saunter and play before our admiring eyes.

Месяц как харьковчанин