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Jubilee Conference of Young Biologists' at Kharkov Zoo

In the beginning of October the International Animal Protection Day is celebrated. It coincided with the Annual Conference of Young Biologists' of Kharkov Zoo. Young Biologists presented their reports of their research as well as summaries of their recent investigation trips and expeditions.

Yelena Rodenko presented the summary of her two-year-long studies of bats done in the Zoo territory. During summer evenings she together with her assistants caught bats with special nets, identified their sex, measured their body size and weight and ringed them. Such investigations are quite important for Chiroptera protection. All Chiroptera species are included into the Redbook.

Diana Zhavridovitch told of her observations of birds that she has been performing in Dergatchi region during several years. She has managed to discern more than 90 species of birds and she made photo documents of almost all of them. Her report was dedicated to carnivore birds and protection of carnivore birds.

Artyom Zhuravok has studied husbandry recommendations for cheetah keeping in Zoos. These recommendations have been published in English by international organization. But it was no problem for Artyom. He can read English well and could understand the document clearly. The enclosure for cheetahs has already been constructed in Kharkov Zoo. We hope that cheetahs will soon appear in Kharkov Zoo collection and knowledge obtained by Artyom will soon be of use.

Anastasiya Yatsun has told of her studies of leafage pest. Leafage diseases caused by insects and epiphytes have considerably spread of late. For example, oaks and maples have been massively afflicted by milldew, chestnut trees get afflicted by chestnut leaf miner, pears are afflicted by rust fungus. Thus these studies are of great importance.

Diana Dakhnova and Marina Lysenko, students of Biology Department of University, informed us of their investigations made together with Vlad Shuba, Young Biologist of Kharkov Zoo. They counted rings on carapace of Central Asian Tortoise and tried to find out if this method is relevant to age identification of tortoises. It turned out that this method can be applicable though it is not quite precise.

Also we learned about new investigations of Young Biologists that have recently been started. They presented their preliminary results for discussion.

Also сeremony of inauguration of Young Biologists took place. Young members who have been active last year were officially accepted as Young Biologists. They had to pass several quests: to answer a question in biology and to prove their loyalty to Zoo work by communication with some unpleasant animal - a rat , or a cockroach or a beetle larva. New Young Biologists received souvenirs from the Zoo and animals made of paper created by Victoria Kotenko, student of Biology Department.

We would like to remind you that Young Biologists' Club will be open for new applicants till the end of this week.