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"Ivana Kupala" Feast at Kharkov Zoo

Press Announcement

Kharkov Zoo

11 July 2015, Saturday, 12.00, Big Pond

Tel.: 705 44 89; 705 44 90


Ivana Kupala (Ivanov Den, Night of Kupala) — is summer mystical feast of Southern Slavic People.

In old times People Chased all Evil Things out on This Night.

Slavic People Remember this Feast until Today

Ivanov Den is Celebrated in Each Community.

Kharkov Zoo invites everyone to come this day in folk costumes.

The main feature of Kupala Night is expurgatory fire. Fires  were put out in the late evening, they were burning until morn. People performed reound dances, sang Kupala songs. Often people jumped over the fire. The best jumper was considered to be the happiest. 

On this day, according to ancient beliefs, water is friendly to fire. The symbol of this friendship were fires put out by river banks on Kupala night. Besides that, people were fortune-telling by dropping flower wreaths into water. If a flower wreath does not sink but flows, it augurs happiness, long life or a wedding.

On the Big Pond of Kharkov Zoo we will organize a show where we will greet Yarilo, god of the Sun. There will be master-classes of flower-wreath weaving. After that, girls together with Yarilo will drop the wreaths into water.

To the sounds of folk misuc and tambourine, our visitors will perform round dances.

Kupala tree is an attribute of Ivanov Den rite. People chose a young tree, that could be a birch or a willow, a maple tree, a fir or an apple-tree. Tree was cut down or was left alive and was  just decorated in a place suitable for the rite.

One can make a wish and tie a ribbon on Kupala-tree branch - this wish will definitely come true!

Everybody will be able to take part in Kupala contest with purifying water together with Yarilo, God of the Sun!

We are looking forward to see you!