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Ivana Kupala Day at Kharkov Zoo

This day is to celebrate the solstice, the longest day of the year and the shortest night. This day is in the end of June. But due to various reasons it has historically moved to the beginning of July.

On this day the main things are water, fire and grass. We decided not to risk putting out fires in the centre of the cite and limited the celebrateion to water and grass.

Girls made wreaths and dropped them into water of the Big pond. If these girls will be successful in finding their future bridegrooms, we cannot predict. But swans liked wreaths very much. Adult birds as well as youngsters were curious to see floating grass and tried to taste it.


Ancient Slavic Gof Yarilo (at the same time manager of artistic department of the Zoo) swam in a boat and organised funny games for Zoo visitors, contests and water showers.

Also Zoo guests were offered to proof one Kupala Day tradition and to look for a fern flowerin the Zoo. Though there are lots of ferns in the Zoo, no one managed to fend this flower. The reason for that is that ferns never bring flowers. As it is known, flowers are privy parts of angiosperms. Some of angiosperms have bright and beautiful flowers, like a rose or a tulip. Some plants have unconspicuous flowers, like an oak tree. Ferns are sporulous plants. They breed with soruses, black spots on underpart of leaves.

Also we performed round dances, sang ancient songs, tied up festive ribbons on a young tree and enjoyed master-classes offered by our old friends from Association of mothers who have big families.