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The International Polar Bear Day

The International Polar Bear Day is celebrated yearly on the 27th of February. The main goal of the event is raising awareness of the public about Polar Bear conservation. According to scientists' estimation, there are 20-25 thousands of Polar Bear individuals in the wild. It is interesting to know that Brown Bear used to be Polar Bear's ancestor. But, unlike Brown Bear, Polar Bear got used to Far East environment. One should remember that Polar Bears exist only in Arctic Region, close to the North Pole. They do not exist in Antarctic Region, near the South Pole.


But Kharkov citizens don't have to go to polar expedition, they only need to wait until the reconstruction ends and visit the Zoo. Kharkov citizens could enjoy meeting Polar Bears since 1925. In 60-s Kharkov Zoo received a female named Severyanka and to males Slavka and Yurka. This was the beginning of successful breeding of this species. During all her life Severyanka female gave birth to 13 cubs. Many of them came to other Zoos of the USSR. At present a Polar Bear male named Tim is kept in the Zoo. He came to the Zoo from a famous circus trainer Denisenko. Tim was born in wild nature in Wrangel's Island and got to the circus when he was 3 months old. He participated in circus performances doinf skating tricks. Actor's career is not long and in 1998 the bear "retired" and came to the Zoo. Tim received lots of attention from journalists and many treats from Zoo keepers - such was his celebration of the International Polar Bear's Day. The diet of a Polar Bear consists of  meat, frozen fish and fish-liver oil. Also the diet includes small quantities of bread, porridge, vetetables and mineral additives.

27 февраля - Международный День белых медведей