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International Children Protection Day in Kharkov Zoo

Press release

Kharkov Zoo

30 May 2015, Saturday, 11.00, area near the Big Pond

Tel.: 705 44 89; 705 44 90


International Children Protection Day is the day of mobilisation of public opinion against war threat, appeal to protect children health, deand for children education on the democratic basis. International Children Protection Day is connected with the most wonderful aspect of our life, the children. This is their day!

Traditionally this day is celebrated in all cities and villages by public events, funny games and contests, shining eyes and merry laughter. Parents may plunge into the world of their childhood together with their kids. They are welcome to come to the Zoo, take a look at the animals, amuse themselves on merr-g-rounds, play with clowns and relish ice-cream.

The opening of the event will take place at 11.00 near administration office. Children art groups will perform for you.

During the performance the results of the contest "Give a Name for the Bear" will be summed up. Our bear cub will choose the winner herself. 

Our kind friends, the Department of Family, Youth and Sport Issues and Association of Mothers who have Large Families will offer fascinating master-classes in passementerie, kanzashi, hand-made toys.

Zetetic visitors will be able to participate in merry quiz game. Prizes will be waiting for winners!

After the concert Zoo lottery will invite all visitors. Merry contests, relay races will be offered for you.

As usual, animal pet area will be open for you. Zoo attractions and horse rides will also attract your attention.

We are waiting for all kids and their parents! All of you are much welcome!