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The International Animal Protection Day

the 4th of October is a special day for those who love and understand the nature. 85 years ago it was decided to celebrate the International Animal Protection Day in order to attract the attention of the mankind to problems of the other inhabitants of the Earth. The fauna is getting decreased. There are many things that threaten the future of animals. Each day we face the problem of over-usage of natural resources, destroyal of marshlands and forests with the goal of getting new territories for construction - all this leads to destroyal of natural habitat.

The date of the 4th of October is not incidental. It is the day of death of St. Fransiscus who lived in the 12th century. He was considered to be a saint because he loved all live creatures, could sympathize and feel compassion to all of them. This day is another reason to think about how fragile this world is and to realize that animals are also citizens of this world as well as we are.